Thursday, April 23, 2009

No TWD this week...

...I've been sick and haven't felt like baking or blogging....not to mention that for 3 days this week the temperature was 95...IN APRIL!!! The last thing I wanted to do was turn on the oven. That would have meant turning on the a/c. There is no way in h-e-double toothpicks that I am turning on the a/c IN APRIL!!

I feel better now and HERE I AM!!

Here's something I made prior to our mini heatwave.

Crunchy Banana-Maple-Pecan Breakfast Muffins that I found over at Noble Pig. Only I left out the pecans and only used 1 frozen overripe banana instead of the 2 the recipe called for...because that's all I had in the fridge. If you haven't visited the Noble Pig, please do so. Cathy lives down the street from me (well, down the freeway and then some) and the whole family is getting ready to move to Oregon and have their own vineyard, and make their own wine, and live in the country....I will live vicariously through her.

These muffins are perfect to throw in the freezer and remove as needed. They are multi-purpose muffins. Great for a snack, breakfast or dinner if your husband and children have gone fishing for the day and won't be home until after dark.

These muffins are hearty and chunky and have lots of good-for-you stuff in them. Whole wheat flour, oat bran and granola make them super filling. The substitutions I addition to leaving out the pecans because my family won't eat them and only having one banana...included:

Leaving out the mini chocolate chips and only topping half the batch with them.
Adding dried cranberries to the batter.

You can also fill the muffin tins almost to the top without having spill over. Easy, filling and super yummy.

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