Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally! Wilton class #3 is finally completed. I was getting tired of making all of that icing, buttercream and royal, and then not using it and having it in my fridge for weeks. I must say that covering a cake with fondant is not so scary anymore. I do still need a lot of work getting it smooth and pretty but at least I know the basics...measuring to cover, rolling, putting it on the cake and smoothing it. So many fun things to make with fondant too! Now I need to find the time.

Gift cake lesson #2.

I did try to make all of my cakes/icings something yummy so my kids would enjoy eating it. This cake was strawberry cake with a strawberry jam filling iced with vanilla buttercream covered in fondant. This was Wilton fondant and should not be eaten!! :) Not a very nice taste at all though some people in my class loved it.

I do have a recipe I use for my own fondant but since I was in the class I wanted to use theirs to see how it differed from my own. Mine is much softer and I haven't tried to cover a cake yet...only decorations. That is my next project!

This was my final cake for class #3. A stacked cake covered in fondant and decorated.

I'm glad I took this class. I learned how to properly stack a cake with correct support structure using dowels. The top layer is vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and orange buttercream frosting. I took inspiration from the Cake Slice Bakers for the bottom layer. Chai spiced cake with honey ginger cream cheese frosting. Wow! Yum!

I covered both layers with the Wilton fondant again and made the little marbleized "ribbon" with fondant as well. Buttercream dots and flowers finished it out.

A little bumpy, a little lumpy..I'll work on that

Lessons learned:

1. Square cakes are easier to cover with fondant than circles.
2. Get your icing as smooth as possible before covering with fondant!

Do I want to take class #4?


Mermaid Sweets said...

I sooo want to take Wilton classes, but none in SF just the surrounding burbs - someday. Your cakes loook great.

Stephanie said...

cute! i just completed cake course 3 too! last night actually, i posted pics on my site as well. your finale cake is stunning!!!!!!! so elegant i love it.

Katie said...

I can't believe that anyone actaully LIKES the taste of fondant.

I think it's gross

The Frosted Cake Shop said...

I agree, no one should eat Wilton fondant =)
Great work on the present! Very cute.

Thanks for the comment on my blog and for checking out the article. It's always fun to find other cake artists in the area!

wildthayn said...

Cute cakes!! I love how fondant looks and you did a great job!

cookies and cups said...

Great job..I have yet to cover a cake in fondant although I have liked using it for decorations on cupcakes...
I'm also going to look up some Wilton classes and see if they are offered in my area. I guess they make you use Wilton fondant? It's not my fave, but I am sure it is worth the experience!
ps-just found your site and it's really cute!

TeaLady said...

There is a Class #4 for Wilton. I haven't made my own Fondant, but would like to as the commercial stuff is eeewwwww!!!!

Beautiful cakes.