Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TWD: My Favorite Pecan Pie

Probably my favorite now too....

Tuesday's with Dorie this week is brought to us by Beth over at Someone's in the Kitchen with Brina.

I've only ever made one pecan pie before and that was when we were living in Australia. It was Thanksgiving time and a friend of mine really wanted a pecan pie. Being the only American within a 50 mile radius I said I would make her one.

Bad idea....I ended up baking it for something like an hour and a half and the thing was like a hockey puck..a super sweet hockey puck but nonetheless, she ate it and then thanked me!

Never again....I'll bake pies that are easier to gauge when are done.

Then came this pie. Not so sweet and easy to bake. I took Dorie's word for it that the pie would be done when puffed and not jiggly and you know what? She was right!

My crust got a little crispy and brown and lost it's crimping but still tasted good.

I omitted the chocolate and espresso powder in this pie because this was a Thanksgiving dessert and I was also bringing the Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake to the Thanksgiving feast.

A little brown sugar whipped cream does a body good.

This pecan pie is a simple, flavorful pecan pie. What a pecan pie should look and taste like! And Dorie's right, you can taste the pecans.

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Here's hoping everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Flourchild said...

YOur so right it was simple to make and tasted so so good! Your pie looks great!

shelly said...

Looks delish! I'm going to make this for our Christmas dessert, along with cherry pie which Em has requested.

Where did you find Instant Espresso Powder? I've looked at the regular grocery store and Whole Foods, and neither carry it. My next stop is the specialty kitchen shop on Pearl St.

Romaine said...

Brown sugar whipped cream? Sounds interesting! I'll have to try that.

Lillian said...

It's certainly my favorite pecan pie. And I love your pie plate -- I had to cheat with a store-bought crust.

from my motorhome to yours said...

wow great looking pie, come by my blog an get in on the new mexico tea co giveawaw, by the way i am off of madison ave!!

Julius said...

That looks absolutely scrumptious.
Have a wonderful new year ahead!

from Occasional Baker

Susan said...

Your pie looks great! Mine was a bit runny, though it still tasted good.