Friday, March 13, 2009

A BIG Thank you!

So here's how it happened...I have been adding photographs of my cupcakes to the Cupcakes Take the Cake pool on Flickr every so often...when I bake them, remember to photograph them, and then remember to take them off my camera, put them on the computer and upload to Flickr... :)

I was so so excited when the Cupcakes Take The Cake blog featured a photograph of my Valentine's themed cupcakes. I even wrote about it here! Wow...they're over in New York and they liked my photographs from all the way over here in Northern California! Life is good!

Then...I got some Flickr mail from Rachel who helps run the CTTC blog. She said she loved my photographs and was wondering if she could use 5-6 of them to feature on the blog with a credit and a link! I almost started hyperventilating! So very that blog! Of course I said yes and here it is!

I owe a big thank you to all the girls at CTTC! You guys made my week!

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