Monday, February 23, 2009

PTC Meeting Bundt Cake

Another day...another bundt cake! Seriously though, a bundt cake is the perfect choice for a meeting at a school, with a bunch of moms (and 1 dad), on a rainy school night, right at dinner time, you get my drift. Easy to whip up, one pan, no layers to deal with...throw a glaze over the top and it's good to go. All the moms and teachers enjoyed this Blood Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake I found over at Smitten Kitchen. She used regular oranges but I had picked up a few blood oranges at the farmers' market and needed to use them and what better way than a cake?

Next time I will poke holes all over the top of the cake so the blood orange syrup gets down in there...and something happened to my it wasn't a glaze really, more like a thick ganache frosting. So I frosted the whole thing. I should have used the glaze recipe for "Physical Therapist Bundt Cake" because that shiz was YUM! And it behaved much better.

To see what the glaze was SUPPOSED to look like...head over here.

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