Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's see how far I've come....

Final cake for Wilton class #1:

Final cake for Wilton class #2:

It's all about the basketweave baby!

I think I've improved!

I used all butter and brown vanilla for my buttercream...I chose not to use shortening as Wilton suggests and it turned out a pretty ivory color and tastes a lot better! Thanks to Cafe Coco for the rebellious idea!

I'm on to class #3...fondant and tiered cakes! Woohoo!

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Stephanie said...

so you DIDN'T use shortening and it still came out this pretty!??! I'm so excited - I'd much rather eat a slice of cake knowing I'm eating a ton of butter than a ton of... shortening, ughhh bleh. Your cake is beautiful!