Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TWD: Cherry-Cherry Bread Pudding

Here's what's different:

Cherry jam (from Trader Joe's....the kind with the whole cherries in it) replaced the apple butter.
Pitted and halved fresh cherries replaced the apples.
Half and Half replaced the cream.
1% milk replaced the whole milk. (The pudding was still very rich.)

I used Challah bread from Trader Joe's.

I didn't let the bread pudding sit for the required 30 minutes after pouring on the custard. I added the custard mixture and popped it straight into the oven. I also didn't have a roasting pan big enough for my 9x13 Pyrex. I baked it on a jelly roll pan and added enough boiling water so that it didn't overflow onto the bottom of the oven.

I baked it for an hour at 325....let it sit for 10 minutes and dug in. (Hey...we were in a hurry)

The final result was delicious...not too sweet...just tart enough with the cherries and the cherry jam. The halved cherries held their shape and did not turn to mush. I think this is the perfect breakfast dish. Eggs, milk, fruit and bread...that's breakfast!

Next time I might add some chocolate!!!

I'll post the pictures tomorrow...it's too late (and dark) tonight.

Thank you to Elizabeth at Cake or Death for this week's pick for Tuesdays With Dorie. Check out her blog for the recipe...or better yet, buy THE BOOK!

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Tia said...

i didn't wait thr 30 m either... but i made muffins!