Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TWD: White Chocolate Brownies (Fail)

Ok...this will be short and sweet. I'm sick in bed.

I grind the's all good.

I have no oranges...leave it out..still good.

I melt the white chocolate and butter...starting to go bad. Separation, big time.

Added it into the batter anyway. Fresh raspberries I found on sale plopped on top.
Leaving the meringue off as I'm planning to freeze the brownies.

35 minutes later...bad.

40 minutes later...bad.

45 minutes later...pulled from the oven and definitely not good.

Let me re-phrase. The edges were good. Very, very sweet. The middle? Very, very undercooked. Oh well. Into the freezer they go to be enjoyed at a later date.

Thanks to Marthe from Culinary Delights for choosing this weeks controversial recipe. :) Lots of people had problems with the baking time. But that's why we are try new things and see how they turn out.

Click on over here to see what the others have baked up.

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Mickymar said...

As I read your post and enjoy your blog, my mouth is a watering. When the main pic popped up, it was from that moment on. Thanks for sharing a mouth watering event.

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