Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TWD: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Here it is...or what's left of it.

I took this to a birthday party along with this huge Hot Chocolate cake. (Post on this baby coming up.)

We ate it all with the cake...I had to save this little bit for TWD.

Thanks to Becky from Project Domestication for picking this gem to kick off summer!

I don't think I cooked my custard long enough...it was still a little, no a lot, soft. Even after the ice cream maker had it's way.

No worries...I just put it into the freezer and stirred every 45 minutes for about 3 hours. It turned out just fine. Better than fine...smooth, creamy, caramel-y.

As you can see...better than fine.

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Nickki said...

I loved this ice cream! And your chocolate cake looks delicious :-)

Tia said...

looks like it was muchly enjoyed by all!

TeaLady said...

Looks like it was enjoyed by everyone. It WAS pretty tasty.

Nichi said...

oh man I bet this was so good with that cake!

mike said...

LOVED this ice cream - and love your homemade method. I made this homemade too and broke down and bought a machine afterward (it was so good)! Glad you enjoyed it as well!