Thursday, December 25, 2008

I've been busy...oh so busy....

No TWD today...wasn't too interested in the butterscotch pudding...actually that's not totally true. I did want to make it, but just plain ran out of time. I will be back next week with the Tall and Creamy Cheesecake (with eggnog subbed in for the cream!)
So I will show you a few things I've made.

Gingersnaps from Baking Obsession (I LOVE this blog..the recipes...the photographs...oh my!)

Salted Chocolate Caramels
from Smitten Kitchen

This was my very first time making caramels. I am more of a baker than a candy maker. I enjoyed the process and
the taste however..I got tired of cutting and wrapping
themall individually. They were a big hit in the cookie tins though. I will definitely make them again. The flavor was so nice. Bitter dark chocolate with a hint of saltiness and the chewiness of caramels.

Apple Cider Caramels from Sugarpunk Desserts

These turned out a little softer than the chocolate caramels with a subtle apple cider flavor. I dipped some in dark tempered chocolate and sprinkled the tops of some with pink Himalayan Sea Salt and the others with some chopped pecans.
The dipped ones tasted like a chocolate dipped caramel apple!

I attempted Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brittle but cooked it too long and ended up throwing it all in the garbage. Luckily I hadn't used any chocolate yet...I hate throwing away chocolate!

The rest of my baking adventures for Christmas gifts:

Spoon Cookies

Maple Brown Butter Shortbread

Mexican Wedding Cakes

The Best Lemon Bars Ever!!

Pecan Tassies

Homemade Marshmallows
Most of my friends didn't know you could make 'em homemade!!

Midnight Crackles from Bon Appetit November 2006 (can't find the recipe on the website)

Peppermint Bark Brownies

Frosted Sugar Cookies

I'll have photographs of some of the above later....

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