Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Cookies..cookies..everywhere. I have been baking like a mad woman to get teacher gifts completed before Christmas break. Class party snacks completed in time for the Christmas party. As well as goodies to take to friends. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake...but I get a little frazzled at this time of the year!

Susan from She's Becoming DoughMessTic has a great recipe for soft sugar cookies. These are so very yummy. I prefer the soft to the crispy and I like frosting on my sugar's where it gets a little sketchy. I had some royal icing left over from some cake decorations I did a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, I have never decorated cookies with royal icing before. I don't know that I will ever again! I tried to get it thin enough to paint on...but never got the consistency I wanted. The piping was too thin...then too thick...then I just gave up and started dunking the whole cookie in the icing and sprinkling it with sparkling sugar. That seemed to work the best. I tend to get a little impatient when thinks don't go how I want them to!!!

I would like to try the icing listed at Our Best Bites and see how that goes. For the time being...these cookies are going to my son's 2nd grade Christmas party and I am sure the kids won't mind the wonky icing one bit!

I have also been making, cutting, dipping and wrapping caramels. That post will be coming up...just as soon as my carpal tunnel simmers down!


doughmesstic said...

Huh?? This iscing job looks great!
Thanks for the mention - and for missing me. :)
I hope to be back in the blogging world again soon!! (fingers crossed.) :)
Merry Christmas!

cakeflower said...

Thanks...that's after I started dipping...and thanks for visiting!

TeaLady said...

They look just fine to me. I love icing sugar cookies. Real simply tho.